Picker parts

Picker parts

Hill’s extensive line of picker parts includes hubs for the most popular models. Many design improvements have been incorporated to increase serviceability and extend the life of the product. All parts are made of the finest materials and are fully compatible with parts from the original manufacturer.

The Untouchable is Hill’s premium line of extended life hubs. These hubs require no lubrication and are guaranteed to run for one year from purchase date, even in the toughest picking environment.

The picker parts portfolio includes:

  • Untouchable hubs for Stork, Cantrell, Johnson and Linco pickers
  • Picking fingers in a broad variety
  • Belts for picking machines
  • Bearing housing
  • Discs, drums, pulleys, seals, plates, shafts and slingers

 Product highlights:

  • Perfect fit with OEM parts
  • Wide variety for most popular models
  • High durability